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From: HongEr Machine News
publisher: May Ding
Time: 2018-11-20
Summary: HongEr Machine manufacture high quality decoiler straightener feeder for metal stamping line.

Shenzhen Hong-Er Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2002 in Shenzhen China, Hong-Er Machine focus on the highest quality coil handling and press feeding system. From customization designing&engineering to fabrication, then to commissioning&training, Hong-Er offers one stop solution to solve the problem of straightening and feeding coil so well, and increase production so substantially. Developed with cutting-edge technology and higher-end market demand, today Hong-Er provide a wide variety of coil handling equipment, including decoiler, straightener, feeder, compact coil feeding line, transfer robots, etc. 

Decades of continuous research and practice in press feed line manufacturing has endowed Hong-Er as recognized supplier in the metalworking market. Hong-Er build a wide selling-net in more than 60 countries and regions. Now the company is continued to grow with the corporate culture “Credit is the Basis, Quality Comes First”. Hong-Er people are always aiming to create the best solution for your production with strong technical support and considerate service.

If you are looking solution in your metal stamping line, freely contact us!
Email: info@he-machine.com.

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